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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  December 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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this cat. i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. we he some fog out there this morning and some areas are more dense than others, but the worst is mostly outside of our viewing area... however, some places may be worse than others on your drive to work. most iowa d dt cameras are not showing too many problems, though. we have clouds over us, too, which is helping keep that fog from getting worse, but also keeping our temps mainly in the mid to upper 30s this morning. nds are light and will become southerly today and gusty by this afternoon. the clouds will clear out, but it may take until noon before it really starts in the area. highs will depend on when that fog and ose clouds ststrt to break,, but with help from south winds, we should be in the mid to upper 40s for the afternoon. we stay mild this week and we could see a few showers tracking through here and there.
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in a few minutes. the big story this morning: a national address about i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. the big story tis morning: a national address about terrorism from the white house. the presidenn's strategy to go after isis has been criticized. so days after a terror attack in the u-s, has that strategy night's speech. "the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it." president obama admits... the isis threat is evolving. his strategy: airstrikes... arming iraqis and syrian rebels... special ops forces... cutting off finances ending the syrian war... but not treating muslims differently here
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communities as some of our strongest allies, rather than push them away through suspicion and hate." he's urging congress to end gun sales for those on the no-fly list: "what could possibly be the argument forrllowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi- automatic weapon?" reaction in times square: "i feel reassured every time he says it." "i don't necessarily feel safer." "i watched his speech and i wish that he would do more." and reaction on cpitol hill: "for god's sakes, mr. president, change your strategy. come up with a ground force to go ininand "every gun regulation that president obama has advocated for, california has already and it didn't stop this." as mourning continues in californiaa.. this morninin's new rk daily news headline mocks both sides... the u-s battling isis...the public... battling fear. house speaker paul ryan called the speech#half- hearted and disappointing. new york mayor bill deblasio is backing him, including calls for congress to restrict gun sales.
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now back to you. publican presidential candidate marco rubio says there was nothing in the president's speech last night to ease people's fears. this morning in iowa, flalas are being lowereddn honor of wwat happened 74 years ago today. just before eight o'clock on a sunday morning in pearl harbor -- about 400 japanense warplanes attacked. about 24-hundred americans were killed and another 12-hundred wounded. after the attack on pearl harbor, the u-s entered world war two. in iowa, govervor branstad is ordering all flags be lowered from eight t tis morning until five tonight as a sign of respect. scary moments for holiday shoppers. someone mistakes broken glass for shots fired. the mall in riverside, california was locked down temporarily as police investigated. this is what happened. three people broke into a jelry store. they smashed a display case --
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the sound of that -- led to a panic. shoppers thought they heard shots being fired. police are still looking for the suspects. a police officer is recovering this morning after being shot during a hostage crisis. it happened in neenah, wisconsin over the weekend. investigators say a man walked into a motorcycle repaar shot and took hossages. one officece was shot when they tried to get into the business. negotiators spent several hours trying to communicate with the suspect... ho eventually came out, but refused to put down his guu he was thee shot many different ways. i'm glad that it turned out as good as it did. we still ended up with a in our communities. back to the officer who was wounded. police say the ballistic helmet he was wearing saved his life. there's a lot of damage, but thankfully everyone is ok after an s-u-v crashes into a yard in dubuque. it happened friday night on stetmore street.
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around the block twice -- before he lost control and the s-u-v when he come around, wiped out my fence and ended up upside down underneath the tree." brown has been charged with elelding police and reckless driving. here's an unexpected wake up call for guests in a hotel. a car comes right through the lobby. the car busted through the doors -- ramming into the front desk and hitting a wall before finally coming to a stop. it happened in connecticut. incredibly, no one was hurt. it... the building shook. and i heard... the woman behind the desk was pretty upset, of course." the driver got out of his car and tried to run, but did not get far. he told police he fell asleep behind the wheel. now to an unbelievable crime:: police are looking for three people who robbed and
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cleveland police say the priest was walking to&his car after leaving church saturday night -- when he he should be ok. the brother in law of an n-f-l quarterback is missing this morning. police say michael cavallari disappeared about 10 days ago. his brother-in--aw is chicago o bears quarterback jay cutler. authorities say they found his car abanned in utah. they say it looks like his car hit a large rock. the airbag ent off -- but no ne was around. surveillance video shows he was in a convenience store about four hours before his car was found -- but no sign of him since. a small plane is forced to make an unusual landing. in palm springs, california -- the plane was having landing gear problems. the pilot then had to make a belly landing. firefghters were thhe just in case. no one was hurt -- but the plane had to be hosed down after sparks flew.
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smelling like roses. that describes the thoughts and feelings of a lot of hawkeye fans over the past 24 hours. after a heartbreaking loss ininhe big ten championship saturday night, we all learned where the team -- and many of you -- will be spending new year's day. "the rose bowl is the granddaddy of them all. you think about the rose bowl you stanford, a team with two losses this season. the hawkeyes will be coming off their only loss of the season falling to michigan state in heartbreaker at the big ten championship. (kirk ferentz) "i coulln't be more prouddof our football team the way they competed, they way they fought." the selection committee must have also been impressed. playing in that sadium and now i'm getting the opportunity to do it so it's pretty cool." "coach ferentz says he will give the team some time off this i think they need that right now, that was really a drained football team last night when we today so we need little time to get them back and get them back
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players are certainly looking forward to their chance at the rose bowl "it's a huge opportunity for this program, we haven't been there for awhile and it's going to be very exciting." we've got you covered in iowa city, kristin rogers, kwwl news. quarterback c-j beathard says he was actually taking a nap during the rose bowl announcement. after waking up to several text messages -- he says he's ex[ited for the big game against stanford at four o'clock on new year's day. the flight to pasadena and tickets to the game won't be cheap -- but hopelly, this ha been hflping fans save a little money ahead of time. gas prices continue to drop across the country. they fell another four cents last week. the national average is at 2-10 a gallon. experts say prices could've dropped even lowererhad the e-p-a not revised its ethanol sales
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lowest prices it could find in iowa this morning are in ankeny at 1-71 a gallon. a couple fiis up the car and hits the road -- driving five hours to adopt a special cat. melissa brunner takes es to kansas whererethe couple found a storyy on the internet that touched them so much -- they had to act. "i just knew something spoke to me and said i needed to&take care of this cat. honey look, look at oor new cat!" judy's husband, jt, came across rockette's story on the internet. how a fisherman found her in a sack on the kansas riverbank, beaten, shht several times with a pellet gun. here's what she looked like when we first met her in augu but to fully fight her infectiins, those pellets and her eyes had to be removed. "within 48 hours, she just really turned around and you could tell she felt so much better. . nd she started to play and eat more." the powell's began sending
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for rockette's care and eventually asked if they could give her a home. "how could you not love this cat. she needed someone to take care of her." helping hands staff conducted several interviews to ensure thee powewel's could meet rockette's special needs. and this week, "sammy, you don't realize how long grandma has waited for this cat!" they made the five hour ttp from their home in meade to welcome their new addition."she's going home with me." for the staff who spent six months nursing her back to health, it's bittersweet. nats - i'm glad she's got a good home. "wre so attached to her. she stayed in the medical center with us and we talked to her every day as we walked by and watched her start to we'll miss her. "please join me in congratulating rockette who's going home with her new family today!" but this is why they do what they do. "she'll be taken care of, i promise." to give all creatures a place to be loved.
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rockette's kittens all found homes as well. we still have a lot to get to this morning. including a garag becoming a workshop. there's nothing unique abot thatt.. t when it becomes santa's workshop... now we're talking. a creative way to help those in need over the holidays. plus -- clark griswold did not have this in mind. the f-a-a says some homeowners are missing te mark with their holiday displays... and at has pilots concerned. low clouds are keeping some foo over us, but also keeping it from becoming more dense this morning. as the clouds burn off this afternoon, we will see warm temps again... and that trend "nooyour storm track 7
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather inforation. here is addittonal forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: fog this morning then partly sunny this afternoon with a stray shower tracking t trough morrow afternoo. stormtrack7 7 live weather network cameras are not showing too many problems with the fog this morning, but there may be some dense patches in between reporting stations. we are surrounded by dense fog and ours seems to be orse to the south and east, so be careful in those areas. temps are up... they are in the mid to upper 30s in our viewing area with the clouds, but in the mid 20s around storm lake and estherville. winds are light here, but 5 to 15 mph fro
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the west. our winds will pick up from the south today and stay in the 5 to 15 mph range through tuesday. we keep some clouds, too... especially this moring with theelow clouds that are hard to get rid of. a weak trough will track in and help ush those clos out, but will itself provide some highererclouds for the day... a weak low will then track into the region for tuesday afternoon and bring a few showers to the state. amounts wiwil depend on how much moisture is available and how much can actually make it to the ground. we will ssay mild... highs will stay in the 30s to 50s in the midwest today and tomorrow, with even more low 60s to our south. the fog sticcs around this morning, but should
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this afternoon. highs will depend on when that happens, but shhuld make it into the mid to upper 40s over most of the viewing area today. lows tonight drop into the low to mid 300.. well aboveehe mid teens average... and we stay mild tomorrow as a few showers track through in the afternoon. we dry out for wwdnesday and thursday with another round of rain possible friday afternoon through the weekend. highs will be in the upper 40s to low 50s for the week with cooler weather tracking back in by sunday.
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cominggp: they're meant to spread holiday cheer. but instead, they're creating fear... in the skies. they're supposed to make
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ea ladders, no naals and no hammers. but the f-a-a say some new laser dangerous. .the faa says their boeing 737 was hit by a laser flying at 13- thousand feet a few days ago. a dallas police helicopter traced the beam back to a home about 22 miles east of the dallas`fort worth airport. "the intent is what's importat. had been told by the faa to shut ititoff and they don't then that might border on being violating a criminal law otherwise no it's not." those who buy the laser light displays should make sure
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pointed at the house and not the sky. a garage becomes the perfect hangout over the holidays. a hangout to help those in need. mike linden shows us how one man in kentucky came up with a way to party with his friends and give back to the community at the same time. 'we're going to have fun with this" when you think of the holiday spirit hanging out in a garage converted into a bar may ot come to mind, but forrirk carman aad his friends, it's the first thing to come to mind. "i've never seen anything that awesome, ever." "i'm standing n what used to be kirk carmen's two car garage but get together, listen to live music and donate to charity." when he's not working as a fork- lift operator, carman says this is how he spends his free time. "they say give until it hurts. we don't give until it hurts we give until it feels good." "there's you some more
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to spread the holiday cheer, carman and his friends are handing out careeackages to hohoeless people in downtown lexington dressed as santa claus and his elves. "one person's got the bread, one person's got the fruit, put it all together and you've got a gd day. we'reeoing to go out and have a little fun." kirk and his friends are handing out more than 50 lunches, complete with gloves and other winter helpthers. that's what we do." the time now is it's a new way to get rid of unwanted pills -- and perhaps ssop the next generation of drug abuse from building. we'll explain next.
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it's a bag that can destroy prescription drugs before they get into the wrong hands. john rogers shows us how it works. doing it." when branddlyn karnehm was 18, she dabbled iito abusing pain medicine... soon she was a
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"if you leave stuff in your medicine cabinet and there's is rampant. that's why officials at drug free manatee were given prevent misuse." prescription drug abuse often starts at home. pill." so the deterra bags can safely destroy them. here's how it works: you rip open the top, and inside are bags of specially formulated carbon. each bag can hold up to 90 pills. so you toss in the drugs and fill the bag with warm water. the process immediately starts breaking down the pills. after shaking it for a few moments, the medicine is neutralized karnehm sees this as a promising tool inpthe fight. "it could probably help stop it
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ttns." she hopes these bags can save someone from the living the hard life she did. if youuhrow pills in the trash or flush them down the toilet, they can harm the environment or get into the water supply. so theseeags can prevent t hat. checking out storm track seven live doppler radar right now. meteorologist eileen loan has the forecast for us when today
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eileen loan is baforecast. we have areas of fog this morning then sunshine possible afternoon with a better chance of rain late friday and through
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we've got you covered. this is today in iowa." nonoon today in ioioa... more protests in chicago and now we're learning the justice plus... after recent mass shootings, the president at one university is wanting his students to arm themselves. and payys little, or as much as you want. we'll tell you how this good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and
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